Gazebo DVS plugin – towards a sensor library

On the NRP, we already  support any sensor included by Gazebo. Mostly, they consist of classical robotic sensors such as laser scanner and camera.

However, Gazebo does not include recent biologically inspired sensor, neither does it include neuroscience’s models of organic sensors. Those type of sensors are important for the NRP. To keep the workflow identical for classical robotic sensors and newly developed sensors, we decided to implement the later as gazebo plugins. Essentially, our sensor library will consist of a list of gazebo plugins simulating various biologically inspired sensors.

So far, we implemented a simulation of the Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS) which is open-source and available on our  SP10 github. In the coming month, we will also adapt our implementation of COREM, retina simulation framework [1,2] and wrap it in a Gazebo plugin.


[1] Martínez-Cañada, P., Morillas, C., Pino, B., Ros, E., & Pelayo, F. (2016). A Computational Framework for Realistic Retina Modeling. International Journal of Neural Systems, 26(07), 1650030.

[2] Ambrosano A. et al. (2016). Retina Color-Opponency Based Pursuit Implemented Through Spiking Neural Networks in the Neurorobotics Platform. Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems. Living Machines 2016. 


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